Who is Andrew Walo?

Beach HeadshotAndrew Walo was attacked by a feral paragraph when he was just a boy, leaving him marked for sleepless nights, scratching for answers.

Having learned to wrench words into vaguely coherent sentences as a child, Andrew took the incredible power of language for granted, using it to impress girls in Charleston, South Carolina.  He languished there for two decades, losing at cards in seedy houses, brawling in dive bars, getting beaten up a lot, and running from the encroaching darkness of the Holy City’s profane magnetism.

When he turned back to the craft as an adult he swore that he would use whatever skills he might develop to stare into the heart of evil and to find the means of its destruction – or at least to bedevil it with absurdity.  Andrew recently followed his mission to Norfolk, Virginia to pursue his academic prospects as a junior at Old Dominion University, and to shine a light on the creatures that stalk the jetties on the Chesapeake.

Ramblings, dire warnings, and childish mysteries alike may be forwarded to him through the Contact Page.

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