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The author would also like to add:

One thing you will find very little of on this website is poetry.  I struggle greatly with the appreciation of poetry, and my interests lie elsewhere.  While I occasionally choose to exercise my poetic muscles, and while I recognize that poetry has value as an art-form, I try to be aware of my limitations.  In short, original poetry may be grouped in with my original fiction, but I will rarely inflict this on you.

No Walk-Ins is a work of flash fiction briefly detailing an expedition into heaven. Originally published at on October 4, 2017.

The Amazing, Stretchable, Shrinkable God briefly explores the new role of the Christian God through selected works of Romantic American literature. Written November 2016.

Babette the Enchantress is a fairy tale novella written as a gift for one of my closest friends.  A magical princess, some talking animals, and powerful forces of evil contend for the Kingdom of Behm.  Written November 2014.

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